9 Tips for Making a Local Move Easier

There are few things in life more stressful than moving. Unfortunately, it is an unavoidable part of life. And whether you’re used to it or doing it for the first time, moving will always be an arduous process that can frustrate even the most meticulous planner. The good thing is, there are lots of ways to somewhat lighten the burden. Whether it’s smart packing or efficient loading and unloading, here are nine tips that can help make a local move go a lot smoother:

1) Create a feasible timetable

Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security, believing you can complete all the steps associated with moving in just a few days. It’s always easy to put things off until moving day arrives and you realize that you’re unprepared. To keep this from happening, you must carefully plan every element of your move, taking into consideration how much time you have before moving day. Create a schedule that will allow you to finish every step within a reasonable amount of time.

Schedules do way more than you think.
Schedules do way more than you think.

2) Pack important household items in a clear plastic container

Items that you expect to use first should be packed in a clear plastic container. It’s smart to store items like your box cutter, trash bags, eating utensils, phone chargers, and many others this way so that you’ll be able to spot them right away rather than having to sift through a myriad of boxes that are lying around the house.

3) Purchase quality boxes

Using used grocery and moving boxes can save you money. However, bear in mind that these may already be compromised because of normal wear and tear or exposure to moisture. The last thing you want happening during a move is your stuff breaking or getting scattered all over the floor because the box fell apart. Moving boxes are not that expensive, and the added peace of mind you get from knowing that these will hold up when you are using them is well worth the cost.

You can't do a MOVe without MOVing boxes.
You can’t do a move without quality moving boxes.

4) Make it a point to pack an hour each day

Your moving date may still be months away but it’s better to pack your belongings way ahead of time rather than rush down the home stretch. It’s better to not procrastinate to avoid getting overwhelmed by the things you have to accomplish later on. One useful tip is to allocate an hour each day to packing items into boxes. Do this going from room to room and before long, you’ll be finished packing way ahead of time.

5) Be aware of what you place in each box

Unpacking can be a frustrating task, especially when you forget where you placed specific items. You can make unpacking hassle-free by placing a label on each of your boxes. You don’t have to itemize everything; a summary of the contents of each box will do just fine.

6) Consider hiring professional movers

Having friends and family members come over to help you pack and load sounds like fun, but if you want things done efficiently and securely, you should consider hiring professional movers. But before hiring one, take the time to check a company’s online reviews. You should also see if a company has proper accreditation and licenses. These things will go a long way in giving you peace of mind during this transition period of your life.

Yes, hiring professional movers can be expensive. But they sure can be handy in the long haul!
Yes, hiring professional movers can be expensive. But they sure can be handy in the long haul!

7) Don’t waste food

Throwing away food in your refrigerator and pantry is incredibly wasteful. You should eat as much of it in the days leading up to your moving day. You can donate any food items that you haven’t consumed to the local food bank.

8) Don’t forget to transition your household services

You should make a list of all the services that you need to be installed at your new abode to avoid forgetting them. Whether it’s the internet connection, electricity, water, or any other utility service, make sure to call the company involved to have them reactivate it at your new property. There is nothing worse than spending a day or two at your new house without electricity simply because you forgot to make that call.

Can you live without electricity? Water? Internet???
Can you live without electricity? Water? Internet???

9) Request to be serviced first

If you’re working with a moving company, you can request to be the first client that they assist for that particular day. This way, they’ll still be spry, making them more efficient and less accident-prone. Also, you won’t have to wait around if, by any chance, they hit a snag at their previous assignment.

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